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We provide extra attentive and personalized care to our patients. Rest assured that our medical staff is reliable, efficient and adept at taking care of your loved one. Before employing them, our health care professionals have undergone a series of meticulous and thorough screenings and examinations.

Board Members
Tuchi YangTuchi Yang
BA in Healthcare Reform; MA in Healthcare Leadership, HR Manager
Tatiana Paolini BelottoTatiana Paolini Belotto
HR Intern
Speak Spanish and Portuguese
See HerMa Tha Ji
Office Assistant
Speak Karen
See HerSu Reh
Office Assistant
Speak Karenni
See HerSee Her
Billing/Administrative Assistance
Anna FieserAnna Fieser
Mai Nhia VangMai Nhia Vang
Ethel ArisaEthel Arisa
Masters in Social Work, LGSW, Attorney

All our staff goes through a screening process before being employed:

  • Criminal background check
  • Personal and professional reference checks
  • TB testing
  • Drug Testing
  • First Aid certification / CPR

Thank for partnering with us. You can choose to sponsor a child by helping him or her to have a quality education and a better health. With your contribution, you can bring a bigger change and a brighter future for the children of Haiti. Please contact us at 786-319-2474 for more information.

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