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PCA Choice

Personal Care Assistant in Roseville, Minnesota

Under the PCA Program, individuals may choose to acquire the PCA Choice Option. Essentially, the PCA Choice option enables individuals to independently hire and train the PCAs who will be providing their care. The consumer will act as the acting employer and they are responsible for directing their support workers. Specifically, you will be considered as a “participant employer”.

What is PCA Choice?

What does the PCA Choice provider agency do?
While the client manages and directs their care, the PCA Choice provider agency is still accountable for some responsibilities. Similar to the Traditional PCA Option, PCA Choice agencies:

  • Bill the state for PCA services
  • Bill the State for qualified professional (QP) supervision
  • Conduct background criminal checks on staff
  • Ensure that the staff has completed the required training
  • Pay and withhold taxes for PCAs and QPs
  • Maintain written agreements with you, the consumer; with the personal care assistants; with the qualified professionals; and with all other responsible parties
  • Maintain enrollment with the State

As the client, what are my responsibilities under the PCA Choice Option?
If you choose to acquire the PCA Choice Option, you will be held responsible to:

  • Document, evaluate, and monitor your PCA staff, their tasks, and actions
  • Develop your care plan in coordination with your qualified professional if needed
  • Find, hire, pay, schedule, and train your staff
  • Find backup PCA staff
  • Uphold a written agreement with the PCA Choice provider agency
  • Log and sign time sheets
  • Work with your qualified professional or PCA to guarantee that your health and safety needs are met

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