PCA Traditional

Personal Care Assistance in Minnesota

The Personal Care Assistance (PCA) Program was designed to enable older adults and disabled individuals to continue living in their own home and community setting, rather than be transferred to a care institution.It is a type of home care service that allows individuals within Minnesota to acquire the support that they need with their non-medical health needs. Essentially, the goal of PCA Services is to support individuals within their own home.

The PCA Program enables individuals to choose between four options: Traditional PCA Option, PCA Choice Option, Shared Care Option, and Flexible Use Option.

What is the Traditional PCA Option?
With this PCA option, individuals who are receiving PCA Services can obtain PCA staff through an agency. The PCA agency will be the one to hire, pay, schedule, and train the PCA workers.

Specifically, the PCA agency will:

  • Acquire criminal background checks on staff
  • Bill the State for PCA services
  • Bill the State for qualified professional (QP) supervision
  • Ensure that staff has completed the required training
  • Find and hire your QP
  • Find, hire, pay, schedule, and train the staff
  • Maintain enrollment with the State
  • Monitor and evaluate staff
  • Pay and withhold taxes

As the client, what are my responsibilities under the Traditional PCA Option?

  • Make sure that all of your needs are met.
  • Monitor and evaluate the staff.
  • Develop your care plan and coordinate with staff.

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