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Interpreter – Job Description

We are looking for a competent interpreter to aid non-English speakers across a range of activities. The interpreter will provide interpretation services during various processes and make sight translations of documents. The interpreter is tasked to provide accurate concepts and explanations with no additions or omissions, and according to conventions of established interpretation protocol. Additional duties also include identifying factors that hinder one’s performance as an interpreter and swiftly reporting these to relevant parties.
To ensure success one must process and impart information swiftly and relay intentions, emotions, and tone in the interpretations. Preferred applicants are those with outstanding problem-solving skills and those who can work to a high level of accuracy.

Interpreter Responsibilities:

  • Acting as an interpreter to a wide range of people with diverse voices, accents, speaking tempos, and personalities.
  • Providing parties with clear and exact translations of written materials and interpretations of verbal communication.
  • Providing interpretations of questions, answers, statements, arguments, explanations, and other forms of verbal communication.
  • Rendering sight translations of documents and other written materials.
  • Imparting thought, purpose, spirit, emotions, and tone of speakers from the source language into the target language.
  • Interpreting with no additions or omissions.
  • Informing relevant parties of factors that may hinder your performance.
  • Completion of daily activity logs and other documentation.
  • Complying with applicable ethics and standards.

Interpreter Requirements:

  • Enrolled with MDH
  • Completed 40 hours Interpreter Training
  • High School Diploma, GED, or a suitable equivalent.
  • Valid certificate of accredited interpreting training.
  • Excellent bilingual communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Proficient computer skills.
  • Proficient with the use of office equipment.
  • Outstanding listening, retention, and note-taking skills.
  • Proficient enunciation and pronunciation skills and a pleasant, professional voice.
  • Proficient understanding of cultural sensitivity and ability to collaborate with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Complete our online application and attach a current resume so that we may begin processing your application.

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