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What to Expect During a Skilled Nursing Visit

What to Expect During a Skilled Nursing Visit

Most, if not all, older adults prefer to age at home. That is why many families choose to receive Home Care Services in Roseville, Minnesota right in the comfort of their residences. With this setup, they do not have to go or stay at a healthcare facility to receive care. Instead, the care providers will be the ones to go to their homes.

For those who need skilled nursing care, a skilled nursing visit is a necessity. What is it? What can you expect from it?

What is a Skilled Nursing Visit?

A skilled nursing visit is one where a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse goes to the residence of the patient. Once there, they will perform various tasks necessary to meet the patient’s specific needs. These tasks are essential in maintaining or improving the health of the patient.

What Kind of Places are Applicable for a Skilled Nursing Visit?

Older adults receive Elderly Care in Minnesota inside their own homes. They can also receive care services even if they reside in group homes, rental homes, and certain non-certified boarding care homes.

What Services Does a Skilled Nursing Visit Cover?

Skilled nursing visits are necessary for the delivery of certain services. Some of these services include:

What to Remember

A physician needs to order a skilled nursing visit. Furthermore, a skilled nursing visit should not be an avenue for the nurses to train other home health care providers or professionals. The skilled nurses performing the visit do not perform any activity that a family member is capable of doing, such as becoming a Personal Care Assistant.

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