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Common Causes of Arthritis in Seniors

Common Causes of Arthritis in Seniors

Arthritis can flare up at any age but is extremely common among seniors. The tricky thing about it is that it can attack any part of your body at any time. You can also never know if the attack will last a few hours or days, or in some cases, result in a chronic condition. But a personal care assistant can always help you in doing daily activities despite having such a condition.

Common risk factors of arthritis include:

  • Age
    People get to be more prone to many types of arthritis as their age increases. These include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout.
  • Family history
    Other types of arthritis run in families. So if your siblings, parents, or a close relative have the disorder, you may be more likely to develop arthritis too. Genes make you more susceptible to factors that trigger arthritis.
  • Obesity
    Carrying excess pounds stresses your joints, especially on the knees, hips, and spine. Obese individuals have a higher risk of developing arthritis.
  • Previous joint injury
    Individuals who have injured a joint, perhaps while playing a sport, may eventually experience arthritis.

Being diagnosed with any kind of arthritis affects your ability to perform activities of daily living. But, with Home Healthcare Agency, a provider of Home Care Services in Roseville, Minnesota, we can help improve your mobility and physical function to promote strength and independence despite your condition.

If you are in need of elderly care in Minnesota, count on us in rendering quality service for you. We guarantee full supervision and assistance to address all your needs.

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