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Elderly Waiver for Older Adults in Minnesota

Elderly Waiver for Older Adults in Minnesota

According to a U.S News and World Report, the state of Minnesota has one of the best healthcare systems in the country. The state invests a significant amount on senior healthcare as a response to the aging population.

Because elderly care in Minnesota can become costly at times, the state senate expanded and exceeded the federal scope of Elderly Waiver (EW) Program.

In 2014, Minnesota spent above $355 million on its EW program. The program aims to cut seniors’ healthcare costs both in-home and community-based services. To be eligible for the EW Program, you must:

  • Be at least 65 years old
  • Be eligible for Minnesota’s Medicaid Program, also called Medical Assistance
  • Need an extensive level of care (to be assessed by the Long-Term Care Consultation Services)
  • Live in the community rather than a nursing facility
  • Ensure that the cost of EW services should not exceed your actual healthcare cost

The state’s counties, health plan providers, and tribal groups administer the program with the coordination of the Minnesota State Department of Human Services. The program will pay (partially or fully) for your healthcare bills for three months back since the date you sent your application and onwards. Some of the services covered include:

  • Personal Care Assistant
  • Mental Health Care
  • Medical Transportation (both medical and non-medical)
  • Immunizations or Vaccinations
  • Medical Supplies and Equipment

The application for this program might take some time. First, send your application through their paper application form. You may also visit your county or tribal office for assistance. But if you can’t travel outside, you can call them through their contact hotline. Then you’ll wait for their response, whether they need more information from you, accept your application for coverage, or deny your application.

Our home care services in Roseville, Minnesota accomodate payments through EW programs. For assistance, call Home Healthcare Agency at 866-511-6623.

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